I grew up with lots of animals so I always wanted to be a zoo vet, but at the last moment I decided that working with people would be more satisfying (plus I don’t enjoy picking up poo).  So I chose Dentistry instead and graduated from Sydney University in 1996.  After working in this dental practice for the past 17 years, I know I’ve made the right choice!

I find it extremely rewarding to help give people a smile they want to show off; to fix their teeth so they can eat again, and also to relieve people from a toothache that has kept them awake all night.  I don’t mind spending a few hours a day over a relaxing root-canal or two as well.

Outside of work I like to spend time with my lovely wife and 3 kids, especially outdoors anywhere near water so I can indulge in my hobbies of photography and fishing.